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  1. 2 months later... I do! And, same.
  2. Fuck you too. Do you remember when we quit raiding in TBC and Seis finally revealed to everyone how him and me had been killing all the rogues on Supremus? I do man, I do. Ahh good times.
  3. Matti

    Everybody gone?

    Consider it done (for you and Westdig anyway). Any other ex-members feel free to post here as well or send me a PM. If you forgot your password, shoot me a mail at and I'll sort it out. Unless you're Unholymoly, in that case I think I banned you so hard even I can't undo it. Fuck off.
  4. Matti

    Everybody gone?

    This forum is never going away man, it's internet history! Just search for the pictures of Keltac naked on a bear rug. Or did he PM me those? Hm... My apartment got robbed last summer, lost all my old screenshots :/ Pretty sure I had some choice ones of Ken in officer chat.
  5. Matti

    Everybody gone?

    Hey Quick! How are you man? Funny to see my thoughts on Diablo 3 above... stopped playing the game pretty soon after that and I haven't touched it since. Oh well.
  6. Matti

    Everybody gone?

    Awesome news on the baby, congrats! I assume you're naming him Matti? No pressure, just saying that's the best name. The sense of server community from vanilla and TBC has diminished a lot with things like the dungeon finder, raid finder, realm transfers and name and faction changes. The main goal of the game is now to stand around in Orgrimmar while waiting for a heroic or battleground to pop up, which you then complete as quickly as possible to get badges or honour to buy vendor gear with. Fuck yeah. Diablo 3 at the moment, enjoying it a lot so far I have to say. Although I worry a bit about about its long term playability considering all the good gear comes from the AH instead of drops. Which of course has been the intent all along since the introduction of the real money auction house, but if they don't fix that then I can see the game turning into a gold grind with no real reward cycle. We'll see what happens, the game hasn't been out long.
  7. Matti

    Everybody gone?

    Hey Cyber, long time no see man. How are you? I doubt there are many Heretic members still around on Stormrage, almost certainly none that you'd know. When I quit playing I was the last of the original members still left, and that was two years ago. I actually played a bit of WoW at a LAN a while ago, but Stormrage seemed a lot less populated than I remember it being. Diablo 3 being out now probably isn't going to help with that.
  8. There are more forums where we deal heroin and stuff. But that's only for guild members. And me, but I'm a badass.
  9. Matti


    Stop shitting on my forum. Enjoy your ban.
  10. Impressive, you posted this application 2 minutes after registering here. With a template from some other guild site. That's some fast typing! We're to mail you if we're interested? Too much work to keep links to all the sites you copy pasted this on? Get fucked. Edit: Banned for spamming the forum being all butthurt.
  11. Matti


    Geez, I have no idea how that could possibly be a problem.
  12. Matti

    Grats guys!

    Yeah, like in a month when people decide to actually show up for raids.
  13. Hi, Thanks for your application but we're full on death knights at the moment. Good luck in your search for a guild.
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