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  1. Good point well made mx, if u want your application to be taken seriously please take the time to fill it in
  2. Well hello there From what i remember of the trinity days he was a good chap, nice application.
  3. Agree with ken tbh, raid exp is good and that is always a bonus. Good Luck m8
  4. Very impressive application
  5. Azazellus

    omg wtf hahaha

    Warren this is awesome \0/ Tun tun tunak ftw!
  6. Hang on what happened to all the comedy applications! Look forward to meeting you
  7. Yes it does, especially as i finance most of ur bloody respecs!
  8. Andy will be most pleased! I hope u are prepared for a respec if required, which knowing evil it will be:P Some obvious grinding required to get the tailor caster sets, but u know that already Good luck with application, im sure andy will be in touch very soon
  9. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/118826
  10. Hello lilly! /hug Good luck with app, gets my vote
  11. Nooooo why did u have to post this!! VERY addictive and great fun, click link at your peril completed medium (normal mode) 4639 points
  12. Herrow again. Agree with evil this app is ok, good effort with reps etc. Herbs for me = winner tbh However imba ur dps might be i noticed u over aggroing alot in mech the other day, although at the rate the tank was gaining aggro its not suprising, i could of sneezed on mobs and pulled. Good luck with app
  13. All apps are checked regularly, im sure an officer will update this sooner or later. Bear with them. Suggest working with other reps for heroics too. And yes druid healbot ftw /hug Barmonger
  14. Neg is just fecking awesome there is no doubt about it
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