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  1. Gear is incredibly shitty! (but with za/zg next week that shouldn't really be an issue - full epics in a few heroics..) Yes from me, we need healers and you're "semi" reliable I guess. Upto the others.
  2. Well I think her gear isn't ready for that (yet!) I don't really have a friend in the guild now faye has gone MIA so I'll probably invite you I guess. More healers are never a bad thing. You forgot our tits or gtfo rule though...
  3. Matti would not approve of the name! better than lawler though..
  4. Kroft


    the armory shows just your pvp gear at the moment, you need to log out in your pve stuff.
  5. Kroft

    X-realm Rogue

    Decent application but we are currently not recruiting any more rogues or melee dps for that matter. Good luck on finding a guild.
  6. haha yea we've never have people walk into the yogg clouds.. never. Seeing as this is an app for cataclysm and not an app for our current raids we'll consider it as you are quite right in the fact that gear doesn't really mean squat at this point. We'll let you know.
  7. Kroft


    No I don't need booking thanks, I already have a complete schedule.
  8. Kroft


    Yuo dunt meat our standart. Application denied.
  9. Bonus points for having a shield better than guens, we'll get back to you.
  10. Kroft

    Grats guys!

    yeah, pretty much afk afk afk afk afk = shit.
  11. We've decided to offer you a trial, contact myself, guen or matti ingame and we'll toss you an invite.
  12. Can you post the most recent log you can find? Matti loves digging through those things. Apart from that, we'll let you know asap. Thanks.
  13. Kroft

    Grats guys!

    Yea, its enjoyable when people don't play like shit!
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