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  1. Hi:) just wanted to congratulate you on your great progression:) it's nice to see you guys doing as good as you are, and i want to apologize for the way i left about half a year ago. it was a bad way to do things, but many tings got in the way in real life. -amrusi:)
  2. Hmm, I thought Matti was 11 shit happens
  3. ROFL it was awesome
  4. You ask what we expect....? At least you would understand that being 67 would NEVER impress us in an application... common sense really
  5. Very nice indeed after 2 rather shocking applications this was a relief to see Supported!
  6. I would say this application got a lack of effort, and being revered with one faction isn't really impressing....
  7. Since you're 67 I just can't possibly understand why you even bothered applying..... Apart from that the application itself was shocking...
  8. Omgwtfomgroflmao maybe he'll become our first swede!
  9. Amrusi

    Gotta watch:D

    Watching these videos 5 in the morning is so fucking funny enjoy! The next is 3 videos that comes together: tbh, that guy is brilliant. Oxhorn that is. you Blit!!!
  10. If you want to get into Heretic, being a shadowpriest is the way to do it However you might have to do some job regarding your gear and your reputation with the different factions. But as you just respecced from being holy/disc or whatever you was, I understand your current dps gear. But gear can be arranged quickly, I guess Another thing i would like to know is, do you have any raid experience in TBC? You haven't mentioned it, but as you have an item or two from karazhan I reckon you do. What I have been trying to say is-, you sound like an allright dude
  11. Seems like an allright dude, but you could have put some more effort into writing your application. a little more work on your reputation would have been nice aswell. Good luck
  12. Amrusi


    tbh, i wasn't really impressed by this application. to impress us you should have written more, there's a lot of yes and no, and explanation is always nice to have. the reason why being 13 might become a problem is that some ppl might not be as mature as we expect our players to be. another reason is how much you'll be able to play.
  13. i'll answar to both applications at the same time you don't mind you both seem to be experienced players, which we always are seeking. the applications was well written and it's nice to see people giving an effort to impress us. get the last bits of rep and it'll be perfect btw, we do not axcept guinea pigs, we got parrots already
  14. Happy to you're appplying mate nice apply i have to say, you would fit in among us i know that already from our rampart run good luck and see you soon
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