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  1. After considering your application, i have decided not to give ya a trial.
  2. Keltac

    Ahhh HERROW!

    Hello there Andywachowski. Nice to hear that you are comming back to ts, i was starting to miss your voice in there Good to hear, that things have been sorted in your life. If u dont catch me on ts, u can always catch me on msn or skype or whatever. Love u long time, kelly. PS: The picture of u naked on a bear carpet, holding a rose between your buttocks has been accepted, it is legit. You are now a member of the hunterchannel. Gratz. Ohh and i got the rubber gloves, 7 buckets of Vaserline, but what the heck do i need a catsuit for ?
  3. First of all, u should have told your guild right away, that you were gonna write this application. Cuz that is a big mistake, and a mistake you wouldnt wanna make in this guild, cuz we got detectives here (Matti) Secondly, though this is a game, the hunters in this guild take pride in the class, so i agree with Gorgorith, that calling yourself huntard will not impress us. But, as your application seems decent and you seem to have some good raiding experience. I will consider you for a trial, but will have to converse with the rest of the hunters, as they take over in some weeks.
  4. i like your name, it reminds me of italian cheese and i like cheese.
  5. Your application is well written, and i can see u have spent time on it. The thing is that we got very active hunters, and because of that, i have chosen not to give u an invite, but maybe you can get lucky if the guildmaster decides to overrule this decision. But thanks for the application and good luck in da future dude.
  6. Is that "Carrots" or Carrots Jaali ;D
  7. With that name - Latino Heat. Do u know an Eddie Guerrero ? And good luck with your application.
  8. -except the sarcastic fucker, you can suck my balls- Rofl. Love ppl with pasion. ;D
  9. Yeah, nice app m8. And lovely to see u linked all the stuff. I would say "green light", but we would have to wait for the judge of Jaali ©.
  10. Well cuz its degrading to our class. I know this is a game and all, but i am proud of being of that class and think its stupid to add tard to the class name.
  11. Hello, and thanks for application. First. Dont call our class huntard. Second. We have the hunters we need for now.
  12. Well thank u very much for making me have to scroll down the page and not slack. Your application is mediocre. And we dont have room for more atm. So good luck whereever u go.
  13. Atm we are full on hunters, but if u contact me ingame, we can have a talk.
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