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  1. Gorgorith

    UK Citizenship

    You have failed the practice citizenship test. Questions answered correctly: 11 out of 24 (46%) Time taken: 05 minutes 40 seconds Hah! Beat that!
  2. Gorgorith


    more vehicle crap
  3. Both Theshade and Zaranos are RL friends of mine; they rerolled classes just a month or 2 before Wotlk. It would be cool to have them in the guild, and I know they're skilled (and mature) enough and they'll fit right in Good luck guys!
  4. Not a bad application, and you seem to know a good bit about different specs / shot rotations (0/31/30 hybrid spec would be useful for trueshot aura in raids ). It's still a bit of a weird story that you sold your account and bought it back. Did you write your previous application for us too for this other guy?Anyway, gl with your app. P.S. you're still failing with calling yourself a Huntard
  5. I like your application dude, very well written GL
  6. I can really recommend this guy. He used to be guildmaster and main tank in my previous guild. (the flying dutchmen) Gl m8
  7. Gorgorith


    Would be nice to have you back in the guild m8 gl
  8. Good looking application m8. Good effort with your reps and gear also. Gets my support GL
  9. Gorgorith

    alca app

    Your application doesn't really impress me, but your gear and experience are pretty good. GL mate
  10. Let me add a proper comment then You seem to be a nice person, and your gear and talents look pretty good Gl
  11. Hey Chiel nice apply.. can remember you from your trial period in Abyssus incendia.. you're a good guy, hope you get in
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