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  1. Abraxis

    70 Hunter

    Ael this is one of the guys i spoke to u about really worth looking at great player in heroics and well he isnt as funny as he thinks he is haha GL mate love abra
  2. Abraxis

    omg wtf hahaha

    this is the Drenai dance the video is AWSOME http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bAN7Ts0xBo...ted&search=
  3. Thank you for the App we are not looking for rogues atm mate try again abit later thanks again
  4. Abraxis

    Dance u bastards

    enjoy guys i loved it
  5. nice app sorry about ur house will talk to the officers and see what they think
  6. I have played with this guy before seems to know his stuff. also seems to enjoy a laugh i will talk to the other officers and see mate the only downside is that ur friends with Kieshii hehe
  7. Abraxis

    Comming back

    welcome back mate about time really
  8. i was reading threw the forums and just noticed that theres hardly a post without keltac saying something so i thought we should have a vote to see if he should be aloud on the internet anmore LOL ./love keltac yes or no will do guys
  9. Abraxis


    The only thing that worries me is what Kels gonna send us for Xmas and birthdays
  10. Abraxis

    Merry Xmas

    As im away from Friday the 22nd i thought i would say Merry Xmas to u all i have really enjoyed this year being with all of u. i hope u all Have the most AWSOME Xmas and new years and guys be safe plz. just remeber if the little Voice in ur head says its bad........IT IS BAD Merry XMas lots of happy slappy gay love Warren/Abraxis
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