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  1. indd that answer was the best ever! =)) lmao
  2. " I enjoy to play affliction specc because it requires more then 2 button to press" tbh destru specc does more buttons to use in raids than affli ,since u also need shadow damage in fire specc for more dps and some more
  3. "In TBC i was destro but i don't got the gear for that now" for that i have to say that rly doesnt matter now any way welcome to heretic /train
  4. i hope hes warrior its not nicotissen , cuase had run about 2month ago in heroic run with that warrior and he had no idea about tanking or he was slacking !
  5. Ogriwar

    Ahhh HERROW!

    andy ! i missed u so much , i hope u have enough time to get back to game as well , i ry missed playing with u and fun times i had with u . hope to see u soon in game /train /hug
  6. well ur right matti loves hydros and he also need special healer with him for those fights u might wana join him btw i can see u 3 times per week in guild already but ofc in mattis account give him spot in guild perhaps he leaves mattis account seriously gl dude /train
  7. nice application i rly liked it but i aint CL , so i can just say gl ,hope u get in as sies is very nice and gd player why not 1 more player like him i give u my support
  8. Ogriwar


    gd to see u change ur mind and want to raid again m8 hope to see u soon /train
  9. i dont even think im gona waste my time to right something on kidds forum u can be happy if u think u kicked us from 16th , we dont even count ZA as instance its noobs instance be happy u could clear it, perhaps ur members in shiva can solo deadmines as well its shame that doesnt count in ur guild progression
  10. Ogriwar


    hey barron, its nice to see u can raid now again ,well i like to see u in guild again wether in bookin(boomking) form or healer gl m8 u have my support /train
  11. Ogriwar


    that doesnt matter if he heard the song or not the matter is when that answer is clear no dont come back here again ,is the answer u r looking for !
  12. gl with ur application man and hf
  13. in my idea to use cloth or leather its not gd idea even if it has nice +healing , thats why ur shaman and not priest,at least priest has fade and can scape from agro but shamans doesnt have such thing and if u over agro from healing in any case u should have gd armor to stand against some attacks, like sausy any way gl with ur appl.
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