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  1. Kreel

    Everybody gone?

    Haha it's a shame we don't have more footage of the 'good old days' Nowadays everything is streamed and recorded and you take it for granted. I guess I could do dramatic readings from officer forums, set to soothing lounge jazz and sell them on ebay
  2. Kreel

    Grats guys!

    Yeah it's overrated . Still, staring at a wall beats raiding with ez mode buffs for entertainment value - and its cheaper.
  3. Kreel

    Grats guys!

    Well done guys, took you long enough! -Good old summer raiding The 1% wipe was more awesome I wish I could of been there for that. Lol epic heretic style.
  4. You're right, we aren't recruiting feral druids atm, gl.
  5. Its a decent app, but we aren't recruiting anymore melee atm. Sorry and GL.
  6. Even though rogue recruitment is closed - we are open for exceptional applicants. Somehow that seems to translate to the vast majority as "if you quit raiding 6 months ago please apply". You are in real terms about 2 or 3 tiers behind us in many of your slots. You must be on crack to think we would be interested in gearing up your alt. Nice effort on the app, but even another 5 pages wouldn't make a difference
  7. I kind of doubt you are 18, terrible terrible app. rejected
  8. I enjoyed reading it, but yeah we are full on melee gl
  9. good luck with your other application then
  10. "Peak" dps means shit, anyone can "peak" with a few lucky crits in a row especially mages. Average value as you call it is what actually matters 99% of fights.
  11. Your gear is well under what we need, in fact if I was making TOC25 pug you would be undergeared
  12. You can do 20 to 30k dps? I doubt it, maybe you mean arcane blast crits? We are looking for an exceptional mage, and your gear and experience isn't either really
  13. Kreel

    Praise the lord!

    Ye it is right that we all skip sunday's raid, for it is the sabbath day as is written and our raiding despoiled it. We should use the day to reflect on our new era of love and sharing
  14. We aren't recruiting prot warriors atm
  15. we can offer you a trial, contact an officer to begin.
  16. Feral druids are like buses, you wait all year for one then two come at once. Sadly you are the second and we only have 1 spot available atm. GL in your search for a guild.
  17. Bonus points for Alamo, but we've decided not to offer you a trial at this time. Gl with your future raiding.
  18. App is terrible, and we have a few hunters on trial atm so its closed. GL
  19. we will take our time considering it then
  20. Really? rejected, gl on lagstrider
  21. we can offer you a trial spot, w/ a officer to start.
  22. we have decided to decline your app at this time, gl in your search for a guild
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