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  1. Czx


    Yeah, basically, their 'WF' is better because it has a 100yds range where as enhance WF totem is only 30yds, so DKs can provide it to everyone in the raid easily on boss such as Valithria Dreamwalker. They also have Horn of Winter which is basically SoE totem, and more survivability than enhance shamans which seem to have the same amount of HP as mages. so frost DKs paired with a MM hunter with 10% AP buff means that you may aswell not take an enhance shaman . Unless the DK is shit.
  2. Czx


    They replace enhance
  3. Czx


    I must say, the lich king teleporter bug was the hardest part of the encounter, It wiped us multiple times.
  4. Don't put sweets in Carlsberg guys!
  5. Czx

    Were are the Trolls

    Trolls? who rolls trolls, that's just silly
  6. Czx

    Mario Hardmode

    Try this one! http://notdoppler.com/theunfairplatformer.php - watch out for the annoying music
  7. Czx

    Fail thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ndx_IdlUQU&feature=fvst Keyboard cat wins
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