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  1. Dohtur

    Everybody gone?

    Yes! Mirage Raceway, Horde.
  2. log off in pve gear. from your achievement history i can see that all post-ulduar wotlk was cleared in cata on easymode, why did you stop playing in 2010?
  3. um no, we dun wanna take u, m8.
  4. I believe i'm answering in line with this application context. NO.
  5. sup about +101 stam jc gems btw? i was under impression mastery is the hotness. I remember tanks trying to impress others with the amount of HP in WOTLK though.
  6. how's Nefarian to you? any experience being the adds punchbag ?
  7. i'd say yeah, BUT after you actually go and gear yourself up in upcoming troll instances so you can be useful in raids in addition to being a nice gal.
  8. Hey, Kraktorz. After some heated discussion that brought us some fun of /officer and /guild chats overlapping, we have decided that we will not offer you a trial at this time. good luck.
  9. what are you plans for the summer? quitting/taking a break/having 3 months vacation?
  10. I assume this is not just gear, but rather a playstyle preference ?
  11. So we've had some of our members vouching for you, that counts for something. And i've heard you think you're the best druid ever and while we like it, you'll have to prove it though. Ergo, despite the shit app, despite turkish internet that will get you dc'd 100 times per raid, you have a trial. Please whisper an officer to begin.
  12. more one-liners please, gl in aurora or elsewhere.
  13. Hey. If you're still interested, we're willing to give you a trial. Please whisper an offier to begin.
  14. Hey James, while your app is well written we dislike your gearing an awful lot still. So that's a no trial. Good luck in your search.
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