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    Beer & Chicks... oh ye! and WoW :)
  1. We have decided to offer you a trial. Please contact an officer in-game.
  2. You're right. Always a bad idea to read apps before my first coffee didn't realise your ArP was so low. However I think your armoury changed as well since. Anyway, will let you know.
  3. Decent app, short and to the point. Gear is also good, however your gemming is odd given you applied as MM. You should look into gemming for passive ArP rather than relying on your trinket proc. You need to decide if its gonna be MM or Surv, as gear choices, upgrades and gemming as in your case will vary. Will let you know.
  4. Thrugg

    A few words long due

    C u around mate. Must admit I miss your funny voice on ts GL
  5. Hi mate, Simply put, we're looking for someone with more experience and better gear. Also, on a separate note, I suggest you look into how to gem, chant and spend your talents as they are nowhere near ideal for your current spec. GL in your search for a guild.
  6. Nice application and gear. Contact an officer for a trial mate.
  7. Thrugg

    Aeldir Mage

    10/10 /pop 2 beer and share one with Aeldir
  8. Thrugg

    UK Citizenship

    Questions answered correctly: 7 out of 24 (29%) Time taken: 05 minutes 19 seconds O_o
  9. Thrugg

    Is it true?

    Yes I was really interested too. Some info including the director/producer was on mmo-champion lately. Other than that there isn't much info afaik.
  10. Poor app idd. GL finding another guild mate.
  11. Your application does not fulfill our requirements. GL finding another guild.
  12. Hi mate, your application and age do not fit our requirements. GL finding another guild.
  13. Thrugg


    From what I gathered it will be some sort of MH waves + a super tank at the end xD
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