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  1. It's not permanent, there's just a lockout on when you can next transfer that character. I think it's around 6 months or so
  2. Heh heh, thanks Kreel ^^ Would be really nice to group with you again. As to being busy with eN, I've done all I can to help them, they've ignored it and are going backwards again, so I'm jumping ship, to put it crudely.
  3. Hehe, thanks ;p DPS gear I have over 800 spell damage but that's as holy (without Divine Spirit up) so is probably over 700ish as Shadow. Not 'amazing', but alright ^^;
  4. APPLICATION FORM Character name: Altheus Class: Priest Level (must be 70): 70 Talents: 23/38/0 (Can be changed depending on what the guild wants or needs) Professions: Tailoring 375/375 Enchanting 265/375 Link to Armory profile: http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-she...r&n=Altheus Timezone: GTM Location: England Age: 16 Attunements (only Karazhan required): [x] Karazhan [ ] Mount Hyjal [ ] Black Temple Other keys (optional but preferred): [x] Auchenei Key (revered with Lower City) [x] Flamewrought key (revered with Thrallmar) [x] Key of Time (revered with Keepers of Time) [x] Reservoir Key (revered with Cenarion Expedition) [x] Warpforged Key (revered with Sha'tar) Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them? I have been in Elite Noobs on Lightbringer since I rolled this character, however in recent times I feel that both server progress and guild progress is slower than I would like it to be. Only 1 guild on horde that is past karazhan ;/ I was reccommended Heretic and this server by a number of people, and after looking into it for myself it looks like a place I would really like to move to. If you currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? Yes. Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? No. Who do you know in Heretic? Kreel (from way back when he was called Cavat ;p) Illiythia and Rework. Why do you want to join Heretic? Because you look like a good bunch of people, and I want to start progressing into 25 mans. What's your raiding experience? Pre-TBC healing in ZG and AQ20, post-TBC as shadow up to Curator in Karazhan, and as holy I've cleared all bosses there. What can you bring to the guild? A cool head, the ability and gear to play as either holy or shadow, someone who was listen and is prepared to keep on wiping. I farm my own consumables, down to picking up Night Dragon's Breath from Felwood for that little extra mana. Do you have the following addons or programs? CT_RaidAssist: Yes KLH ThreatMeter: Yes GuildEventManager: Yes TeamSpeak: Yes Anything else you'd like to add? I'm going on holiday for about a week from this thursday, but I wanted to get my application in before other priests, hehe. I wanted to be honest about that, and hope it won't put you off considering me for recruitment.
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