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  1. BarMonger


    I don't know. I've heard a lot of bad things about this 'Barron' guy. And the guild he's leading is pure crap. The feral druid in it is the worst ever. Also. Boomkin <3 Finally a proper druid spec.
  2. Just how short was your time when you wrote that application? If you don't have 2 minutes available then why bother writing an application at all?
  3. At least it wasn't an application from an American server
  4. He better be, we can't have offline people raiding
  5. I'm with the meat shield on this one. Nice app but I do believe we have lots of rogues. Wouldn't mind another though, the ones we have tend to die all the time
  6. He's already in, you bastard So we can discuss whatever we want It actually kind of embarrassing that I didn't notice before
  7. TS? The bear doesn't need TS!! Also, no I haven't noticed any danish accent
  8. Jaali is danish? Omg! I didn't know that edit: Hmm, that was supposed to be an embarrassed smiley And on a more serious note, a tankadin is just what we need for Morogrim
  9. Mages on top of the dps meter? Never! edit: Just wasting time until someone can properly comment on the application
  10. Personally, I've never been a fan of using numbers instead of letters. Or weird acronyms that don't make sense. Or making up words based on the phonetics of real words. It might just be me, but I usually expect more from English people than I would from most others. It's just saddening how a generation can completely butcher a fine language like this.
  11. Yay, he mentioned me. If you don't give him a trial I'll /gquit
  12. Yea, that American paladin who applied has a greater chance of getting in
  13. BarMonger

    Greetings to Matti

    Don't worry, we let him die as often as possible when raiding
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