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  1. fun read for hunters and DKs, or anyone whos been around for some time now
  2. I will make the arrangements asap, just wanna check AH prices on some things on both realms before I migrate so i can make some profit out of it.
  3. Character name:Mallazar Class: Death Knight Level (must be 80):80 Talents:14/0/57 Are you willing to respec if needed?: Yes, but at the moment my talent spec is what considered the cookie-cutter, I also have a tank spec(blood) with 99% ilvl 245 gear that I dont mind using once in a while, but as a main spec, Im a dps. Professions:At the moment Im a JC/miner, but I have gathered almost all the mats I need to change it to JC/BS Link to Armory profile:Mallazar Timezone: UTC+2:00 Location:Israel Age:24 Can you attend at least 2 out of 3 raids every week? Yes, easily, 3 out of 3 whuold be pretty easy as well. Does your connection suck? (We know no one is going to say 'yes, my connection sucks'. But it's not hard to find out once you start raiding, so if you're going to lie, just save yourself the hassle and don't apply in the first place.) No, my connection is pretty stable 90-100 ms usualy, and I dont disconnect usualy, though at the moment nagrand is abit bugged and everyone disconnects abit. Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them? Heretic(yes its called Heretic too):I joined this guild a few days after i dinged 70(with my hunter, vara), been here for abuot 2-3 months before the guild split with abuot half the peaple leaving with all officers among them Renaissance: I joined this guild when Heretic split, I've been in Renaissance for abuot 7-8 months(its a guestimation as alot of time passed since), Ive progressed with them from start of TK/SSC untill Reliquary of Souls in BT(4/5 in MH), at that point the guild became a mass, with the GM leaving, and alot of peaple migrating to other realms/guilds. Heretic (again): I rejoined Heretic on my resto shamman (Remot), been here ever since, change my main back to a hunter in WotLK though, Im here on a social spot at the moment as I took a 2 month break due to some real life things and my spot was taken. On a side note, I love Heretic, Id never leave it if I still had my raiding spot. If you are currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? I didnt inform anyone abuot this specific application, but I did have a talk with an officer abuot my desire to find myself a guild that I can raid in. Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? No. Who do you know in Heretic? No one as this is a cross-realm application. Why do you want to join Heretic? Im looking for a stable raiding guild, I dont realy know anything special abuot your guild, I chose to apply here since the scheduale fits me like a glove, and you are recruiting DKs, apart from that, from your progress I can guess this guild is filled with good players, thats exactly what Im looking for. What's your raiding experience? TBC:everything up to Kalecagos(TK/SCC cleared before attunemt to BT/MH was removed, and Kalec cleared before nerf patch) WotLK: Naxx 10/25: cleared. Obsidian Sanctum 10/25: cleared 3 drakes on both. EoE 10/25:cleared. Ulduar 10:13/14 with all the drake achievments(on the hunter) Ulduar 25: 13/14 with some hard modes, but most of them were done while i was in my 2 months afk. ToC 10: cleared, done all hard modes, but no insanity(I keep getting 49s ) ToC 25: cleared, no hard modes thuogh, as they were cleared in my afk time. ICC 10: cleared all open bosses including blood wing and plague wing. ICC 25: cleared only first 4 bosses, since im not currently an active raider I can only do ICC25 on alt runs, and they dont go past these bosses. Why do you play the class and spec you play? In what way do you think you will improve our raids? I changed to my DK lately, playing hunter for half TBC and almost all WotLK made me want a change, I wanted a melee and DKs felt unique so I started playing my DK more seriusly, about the spec, well, i like playing UH but im using it becouse its currently the best option, if blood whuold have been better i whuold have played blood. abuot improving your raids, Im not gonna presume I can be better then your current raiders, but I do know my class very well, I can push quite high dps (abuot 8k-9k on single target bosses), I dont tend to stand in fires, and I consider myself good at following directions, overall, what I can offer is a decent player who always likes to push himself to be better. What can you bring to the guild? Apart from bringing a good player, I consider myself a fun person, Im online more then is good for me so Im always up for 10mens and alt raids when we are not doing 25s, apart from that, I bring you alot of vent lols and such. Do you have the following addons or programs? DeadlyBossMods:yes Omen:yes Mumble:not at the moment, we are using ventrilo, but It shuoldnt be a problem. Anything else you'd like to add? Id like to share abit abuot myslef, Im an electric engineering student, first year, when it comes to university, Im a nerd, before exams, you are not gonna see much of me outside official raids as i take my degree very seriusly. Ive been playing wow for a long time now, been raiding ever since my first character dinged 70, I consider myself a very good player, When im not onling or studying, Im probably reading elitistjerks or any other forum regarding death knights and hunters( yes im still into hunters to some extent). Anyway thats me, If there is anything more you need to know please ask and Ill answer to the best of my ability.
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