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  1. Mkay, dno how to really see that answer.. guess i'll widraw this application then
  2. Hey, just notifying you that I have applied somewhere else aswell (it's noted there aswell)
  3. Mudkipp - Restoration Druid Application General Character Information: Character name: Mudkipp Class: Druid Level: 80 Talents: 18/0/53 Link to Armory profile: Armory Link Are you willing to respec if needed?: Yes Personal Information: Timezone: GMT +1 (Amsterdam) Location: Holland Age: 18 Can you attend at least 2 out of 3 raids every week? Yes I'm used to raiding 5 times a week, so this should be doable. Does your connection suck? No, It's working fine with very few random disconnects. Guild Information: Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them? Lockdown - Emeriss - I'm intending on leaving them because from the point I joined them they also re-recruited a old restoration druid, which they instantly promoted to member and basicly let him take my spot. If you are currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? Yes, they I informed them that I am looking for a new guild and will be leaving soon. Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? Not at the moment, I will post it here if I do. Who do you know in Heretic? No Why do you want to join Heretic? Because I want to be in a ICC25HM's orientated guild and you guys were the first guild that popped up on Wowprogress with raiding times and progress that suited me. (and were recruiting a Restoration druid) Raiding Information: What's your raiding experience? The whole of MC -> Naxx40 on lvl 60 (Protection/Dps warrior) Uptill Felmyst on SWP as protection warrior And now 9/12 ICC25HM's with Putricide untouched and Sindragosa at 8% Can you provide a log of your performance in a raid? Sindragosa wipefest Why do you play the class and spec you play? In what way do you think you will improve our raids? I used to play warrior from the beginning till end of SWP but found it time for some rerolling so I started a druid! I've liked it from the beginning of it and started playing as a Restoration druid in begin WotLK. The current spec I use is a common Resto druid spec which basicly makes u benefit the most from haste items and offers the highest effective hps at the moment. What can you bring to the guild? HoT's! and a dedicated Restoration druid who likes to play around in dalaran or idle on my warrior! but also a guy who focusses 100% during the raid times. Do you have the following addons or programs? DeadlyBossMods: No Omen: Yes, In balance Mumble: No I use DXE instead of DBM as I personally found it more usefull then DBM but it can interact with DBM or i'll just switch back if needed. Omen I only turn on when switching balance, as my Skada also has a Threat meter buildin. Mumble i don't use since I got my own custom interface which works fine for me. Anything else you'd like to add? I got a warrior alt which totally rocks! (Vanilla gear ftw!)
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