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  1. Age dosent really matter. Its more important that ppl behave mature. Look at matti, he is soon 18. I whould though he was 30 if i dident know better. (lies)
  2. Keishii

    Leek 70 Warlock

    Remove the class from the game and let Boomkins take their place.
  3. Keishii

    Leek 70 Warlock

    Yes!! Destro for PVE ftw!! gogo 0/21/40! It pwns. Dont listen to evil! *awaits evil reply*
  4. Get kara attun, a couple of heroic keys. When it is done i cant see why you whouldent get a trial here. GL
  5. what happend to all the bad applys we had for a while? I miss them.
  6. Good app, the only thing is that ur norwegian.
  7. Keishii


    http://pandachute.com/videos/smart_ass_lawyer_owns_judge women....
  8. Holy cow a well writen app. Anyway I vote for Trialship! =)
  9. Beeing friends with me dosent always turn out to be good. ON the bright side i tell them everyday that they slack on the heroic keys, and if they make a mistake. Hmm, well i let them hear it. But anyway I love em <3 He is a good player. I can tell because i thought him everything. < Joke
  10. Sunday night my graphic card desided to burn up. Now im stuck with all these fancy beautiful but still annoying lines and triangles flying all over my screen. As you can see its not easy to read the chat and so on, so if you whisper me dont count on a reply. Hopefully a new card will arrive soon.
  11. I remember sitting for hours and hours listening to this song.
  12. Is this a joke or what? 15'000 damage non crit. Well we sure get alot of stamina in TBC. This quest chain will take ages. I sure hope it will be other 25 man raid instanses we can raid in the main time.
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