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    Resto druid apply

    News flash! 3.3.2011 my girlfriend gave born of my son. so now we are waiting to return home from the hospital, this should happen around sunday/monday. new graphic card came today and it installed. so im ready for raiding next reset. so if you can think my apply through before that i would appreciate.
  2. Urmi

    Resto druid apply

    As i was talking yesterday evening with one of your officers about the delay of playing cause of birth of my child, the delivery starts now and i am on my way to hospital after im done with this post. and at the same time my craphics card blew up from my computer. i ordered a new one and delivery time is 3-7 days. so we talked about postponing the apply and stuff. so now is the time i need that few days off. but when the craphics card arrives, i should be up and running for playing if if my apply is confirmed. i will update this post from laptop if things change but should be ready for next reset. have a good day.
  3. Urmi

    Resto druid apply

    it would be balance Serpentagram is the name of the warlock
  4. Character name: Urmhäxan Class: Resto druid Level (must be 85): 85 Talents: 8/2/31 Are you willing to respec if needed?: sure Link to Armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/wildhammer/urmh%C3%A4xan/advanced Timezone: +2h gmt Location: Finland Age: 30 Can you attend at least 2 out of 3 raids every week? yes Does your connection suck? no it does not suck (We know no one is going to say 'yes, my connection sucks'. But it's not hard to find out once you start raiding, so if you're going to lie, just save yourself the hassle and don't apply in the first place.) Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them? vanilla->wotlk Dawn of the Gathering. during Ulduar patch i switched my main from warlock to druid and migrated to Wildhammer to join a national guild called Iso Kolmonen. at the moment we are lacking so much people that raiding is not possible anymore. If you are currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? Im currently in Iso Kolmonen and i told myself and fellow officers that im planning to leave. Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? I made an apply to another finnish guild called Saaga in stormreaver but the raid times dont suite me that well.i thought that maybe i could try to get back to the old server. rl friends here. Who do you know in Heretic? i think i dont know anyone Why do you want to join Heretic? as i said above, i gave a good thought about coming back to stormrage and your guild was first in mind. progress guild, good raid times. would suite me fine What's your raiding experience? Vanilla: MC, BWL, ONY, AQ20, some bosses in AQ40. TBC: i was working so no raid progress, WotLK: Naxx, OS(3d), EoE, Ulduar, Toc, ICC, RS cleared. ICC 10 12/12hc, icc 25 11/12hc, RS 10hc. Cata: BoT, ToFW. BWD 5/6. Can you provide a log of your performance in a raid? http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/96357/ Why do you play the class and spec you play? in general, healing is more fun than dps, its like a different game. But as for the spec im using, i do minor changes to it quite often and try stuff. i do theorycrafting and read forums but mostly by trying things i find the best spec for my gamestyle In what way do you think you will improve our raids? more Hots. good healing. What can you bring to the guild? a dedicated player with good attendance who knows what he is doing. Do you have the following addons or programs? DeadlyBossMods: check Omen: check Mumble: check Anything else you'd like to add? i am a 30 year old guy from finland. been uneployed for a while so i spend most of my time playing computer. i have a girl friend, 7 year old daughter and and another child coming soonish (should pop out next friday) so that might mess up my trial for a week or two but then it should go back to normal again. i thought its good to announce it at this point and not in the middle of raid that "my gf is giving a birth of a child, brb!" so thats the only thing that might hold me back for a while but otherwise im 110% dedicated. my skills for english applys suck but i hope you see some potential to give me a try. you wont regret. Thanks for your time!
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