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  1. Idd. More norwegians tbh
  2. mxkk

    Snowflake 70 mage

    lul:P You sax snowflake
  3. I dont think one more rogue will hurt, When kaz is gone etc. Your gear is a bit lack but it wont be a problem to fix that. But its up to the offisers:)
  4. mxkk


    BAAAARRRRROOON! Me want you back mate as boomkin or whatever! gl on your app!
  5. mxkk


    True. This application is 1 of the worst ive seen on this forum. And dont think you can make a good application tbh
  6. mxkk


    You should use a bit more than 30 sec on your next application:)
  7. mxkk

    Pippo 70 rogue

    matti! rogue / melee leader thing i guess
  8. mxkk

    Pippo 70 rogue

    Well, your raiding experience is kinda nice not to bad gear either. But i think we have the rogues we need atm, but its up to our brave class leader:))
  9. Hellu hippoboi. Hes a good tank and know how to push the taunt buttom when a rogue needs it:) Im sure we need one more norwegian, right matti?
  10. mxkk

    alca app

    Well. this is a rly wank application. but your gear is ok and we need a hunter to use md and push the arcane shot to give das tank abit agro! Gl mate
  11. Nice app:D More warlocks!!
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