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  1. Ok, I will need to spend some gold then:o
  2. i will be there till tomorrow, to the first raid.
  3. ok i will only fix some money and do some know what the gold cap is?
  4. No I'm not. Okey I'm so Sorry, but I have mumble:)
  5. Oo my bad! sorry dident noticed it! :S you want me to do a new one?
  6. Character Information Name: Spritzor Class: Druid Primary Spec: Feral Tank Secondary Specs: Feral Dps Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/shattered-halls/Spritzor/advanced Talk about your talents (Why you chose your particular talents, what other options you had, what the spec is specifically tailored for, etc) I use this talents because its the most used Feral Tank spec, and i like it a lot, its give me nice instant threat, and give me 6% less damage taken form spells. Are you comfortable with playing your off-spec in a raid situation when necessary? I have cat spec, i have done Halfus Hc one time as Tank and one when i'm dps, i have some experience, and skills, but have a lot more in tank! But if the guild need a kitty i can regem and respec. Extra information about your character (If you have something specific about your character that was not mentioned above or if you feel like you want to add something) Tbc: In Tbc i was playing Lock. We did raid Kara, maggy, gruul, ssc, za, mh, tk, bt and i did get 3 bosses in Swp. WoTlk: I did start level up this druid in Tbc and after tbc i start to play with her and here is my raiding experience Naxx10/25, EoE 10/25, OS10/25 3 drakes, Ulduar 10/25, ToTc 25/10man and ToTgC25/10man, in icc we did all bosses Realm first and i have Lk 25man hc Achi, and RS10/25 and RsHc10/25 Cata: We in Kreml High, did go for a good start! did clear all normal bosses Realm first and Halfus and conclave on Hc realm first. Know pretty much all tacts to all bosses in Cata. Personal Information Name: Martin Age: 22 Location: Sweden Your average raid attendance over a longer period of time (in percentage): 110% Are you able to play later on in the evening/night if progress would demand such a thing at the time? Yes Ofc How reliable is your connection? (Don't just say that you NEVER disconnect, but describe your type of connection, possible problems with it, how likely it is to happen, etc) I have very good connection, i did Dc some times back in Icc. But i have a new router and a new Pc so its no worries. Describe your role in raids (We're not looking for an answer of the sort 'I DPS' here, but rather what you do other than your basic role) I use to be Main Tank, in mine old guild. And i was like a "Flask Man" i did all Cauldron and so on. What is your motivation behind raiding PvE-content? I wanna Play the game and have fun! i wanna progress and do Realm first ofc! Guild Information Which are your previous guilds? Last Yell@Vajch on my 70 Lock. Kreml High@Shattered Halls Reasons for leaving those guilds: The reason i left Kreml High is that our Gm/RaidLeader decided to Quit this game and no one wanna take that responsibility. So some Quit the game and someone (like me) Moved on. Why do you wish to join Heretic: I know you have Rly good Progress and i think this guild Rly fit me, The progress is great and i have experience to get realm first. I think this guild fits me perfect. What will make us choose you for the spot: I will be 110% focus, im always prepared for raids, Im alway update on forums Like Manaflask, EJ and Mmo-C. I alway read up on new bosses! i know my char, i know what im doing. I'm a fast learner, I always say to myself "One time is not time, Two times is one to much" Other Information Previous gaming-experience I play HoN, DoTa and some CoD. Are you comfortable with communicating over Ventrilo during raids? Yes Ofc. Additional information (If there is something that you'd like to add, could be pretty much anything, it is up to you!) Im 22 years old, live in South Sweden. I work in a shoe store. On my free times i like to drive with my car and play Is hockey. My eng is not so good when i write, i talk much better. Have Dyselexi, so i did have a hard time in School. I have some Videos when im raiding: Al'Akir: Halfus: BTW Not my PoV!! WoL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/yuxafzedln324jqz/details/4/ (Hope it works) UI: http://img21.imageshack.us/f/wowscrnshot030811083148.jpg/ Thats all! (i hope)
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