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  1. a picture of my UI and addons and im level 85 =) and the meter in that is on BoT overall 25m
  2. Character name: Yimron Class:Shaman Level (must be 85): Talents:2/7/32 Are you willing to respec if needed?: yes anytime Link to Armory profile:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/yimron/simple Timezone: UK Location: Northern Ireland Age: 18 Can you attend at least 2 out of 3 raids every week? Yeah I can raid all weekdays and sunday Have you cleared all the current normal raiding content? (This is required to be able to get accepted for a trial. Mark with a cross [X]) Yes: [x] All bar Al'Akir Does your connection suck? No I have around 30fps in raids (We know no one is going to say 'yes, my connection sucks'. But it's not hard to find out once you start raiding, so if you're going to lie, just save yourself the hassle and don't apply in the first place.) Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them? Get Geared or Wipe Tryin and Vertical Smile I left both because they broke up and stopped raiding If you are currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? Guildless at the minute Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? I applied for Aurora but regreting doing it and will not join if accepted Who do you know in Heretic? I know furylicious seeing he was from Vertical Smile aswell Why do you want to join Heretic? You have made good progress through the heroic bosses and I have heared you are a friendly guild What's your raiding experience? 11/12 normal and 2/12 hc (Need to have cleared all the normal content.) Can you provide a log of your performance in a raid? sorry I dont have any logs but I can link helaing meters in wow from last raid I did Why do you play the class and spec you play? In what way do you think you will improve our raids? I play resto shammy as it is the spec I have played the most with through WOTLK and Cata, I can improve your raids with good healing and I have a good attitude towards progression and team work What can you bring to the guild? I can bring a friendly possitave attiude and good team work to the guild and a in game point of view im alch and herb professioned so I can farm flasks and help member with achs and leveling Do you have the following addons or programs? DeadlyBossMods:Yes Omen: No but I will get if i need to dps Mumble: Yes Anything else you'd like to add? Hope you accept my application and hope to hear from you soon ^^
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