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  1. Character name:Anudora Class:Druid Level (must be 85):85 Talents:Feral Tank Mainspec,Feral dps offspec,if u want i have resto gear too so i can respec Are you willing to respec if needed?:yes Link to Armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/anudora/simple Timezone:gmt +2 Location:Turkey Age:19 Can you attend at least 2 out of 3 raids every week? Yes Have you cleared all the current normal raiding content? (This is required to be able to get accepted for a trial. Mark with a cross [X]) Exclude nefarian and al'akir,yes i did.And i also know nefarian and al'akir tacs.Watched videos many times. Yes: [X] Does your connection suck? (We know no one is going to say 'yes, my connection sucks'. But it's not hard to find out once you start raiding, so if you're going to lie, just save yourself the hassle and don't apply in the first place.) i have been playing 85-150 ms.So i just had a problem once. Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them? They told me if i work hard and be resolute,i can find spot and they 'll help me to get gear.In the beginning they were polite and understanding.They were helping me to get gear.After 2 weeks they started to do hc's.And i couldnt get spot.They told me it is so hard to get to me gear and their works are too much so if i want,i can leave guild or stay being social.So i have chosen to leave guild. If you are currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? No Who do you know in Heretic? Nobody Why do you want to join Heretic? I just want clear content,being first in realm.I want stay in the guild at least one year to making friendship.And i also want increase my english because im an english studier. What's your raiding experience? Baradin hold 10 man/25 man,Conclave of Four Winds 10m/25m hc,Bwd 10m normal/25m heroic atramades,bot 10m/25m. Can you provide a log of your performance in a raid? Yes i believe i can. Why do you play the class and spec you play? In what way do you think you will improve our raids? Druid is interesting class which have 3 roles and druids are located of the top in the lore.So i chose this class and i love my class. What can you bring to the guild? Very skilled,resoluted player. Do you have the following addons or programs? DeadlyBossMods:Yes Omen:Yes Mumble:No but i can if i accepted to guild.
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