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  1. So who actually pays for this site, 12 years later ? I miss the good times....of wiping.
  2. Skweeky

    Grats guys!

    Grats on the kill slackers, well deserved.
  3. Who cares. Still rejected.
  4. Unfortunatly his Elitism App fell through because of lieing. There is still hope with Ggowt unless they have evil spies
  5. Skweeky

    holy paladin

    Do Origin have a better lootsystem than we do ?
  6. Yeah, mastubating can put a nasty strain on your eyes, personally i eat a lot of carrots (when im not drinking ofcourse). GL on Application btw, Looks pretty good to me and your not decked out in greens.
  7. Hi. Well, im not 100% sure, but when you do a realm transfer they more or less state thats it's PERMANENT and i dont think i have to explain what that means. I have transfered 1 character myself in the past and that was 1 of the things i had to agree on. Hope you make it though !
  8. Hello m8. It looks to me like a pretty good application. Your reputation is good and you have some pretty decent gear to go with it. We have gotten a handfull of other players from lightbringer in the past couple of months and they havent turned out all bad sofar. One question though, Tailoring on a rogue ? I assume it has something to do with crafting clothitems and DE them. But(t), there is always a but. I do belive we have all the rogues we need atm, and we have a few on trial aswell. But lucky for you, im just a low intellect meat shield kind of guy, so its not really up to me Im sure the top bosses will post something here a bit later today. GL.
  9. Well, the next time you cause a wipe, i will carefully explain how im going to dip you in hot wax, roll you in a newspaper and then pull as hard as i can. In DANISH ofcourse
  10. Your rep is lacking bigtime. You want epics, which is something you earn. Your spec is crap, sword spec, pole spec, IMPROVED REND ? WTF. I vote no. "Matti for President"
  11. Hey. Seems like a fairly decent application and your rep is allright besides Sha'tar =) I dont know if we are actually looking for more rogues right now since we have 2 rogues on trial right now, but since im not a classleader you can ignore everything i said and someone with a clue will get back to you later today im sure GL.
  12. Dynadynamic, im sure whatever top guilds that end up getting you will be happy. Too bad it wont be this guild !
  13. Skweeky

    Darth vader :-)

    funniest shit i have seen in a while
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