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  1. We want old ppl, not mature ppl!
  2. I predict Matti will love the name
  3. do you use gamecards or visa to pay for your subscription?? Its a very important question since it seems VERY difficult for ppl in this guild to handle gamecards....
  4. nothing but healing pallys around... Im going to have to reroll soon
  5. Give him a break Matti, hes dutch... Stange people they are
  6. Vashj will be dead by the next reset so have fun while it lasts!
  7. Boda

    70 Lock

    I just read the 'Im leaving post' (https://www.heretic-guild.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=673) you did. You thought that your gear sucked and you were of no use to our raid progress, has that changed? You didnt agree with the loot handouts we had, Officers still decide who get what, so is that going to be a problem? You stated that you got enough stress from RL and didnt need wow to add to that, has that changed? I dont really mind giving second chances, but these things needs answers We will have a chat among the officers and get back to you
  8. Sausbringer, mxkk and Susp are all noobs, I would edit that away!!
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