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App Shez - LV80 warlock

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Shez (LV80 undead warlock)




Pimp the imp - fire destruction

Willing to respect if it's needed

Link armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xm...rage&n=Shez



My real name's Tom, 24 years old and I'm born and still living in Belgium which has the GMT+1 time zone. I'm an employee at BOSCH where I used to work at weekends in shifts from 06-14h and the next from 14-22h. Due to the current economy crisis I'm forced to do the same shifting but then in the week. At this moment it's so bad that we get 1-2 days off work each week.



In general I'll be available to raid one week 3/3 and the next week it will depend on when I have to work… can be I can be there also 3/3 but there's also the possibility I can only show up that week at Sunday. Or when something is happening I really want to be part of there's always the option to take a half day of work :P. Anyway, when I'm online on raid days I will always stay until the end.



I have a steady connection and a good pc to keep wow + ts running without any problems.


Game history

I left my previous guild (Tavern of the lazy peon) before applying here after I informed an officer and made a forum post about why I left and all that kind of stuff. I'm not applying anywhere else since I did my research and found Heretic would be the best option for me. Don't really have 1 main reason for leaving the guild I started out in and saw pre-tbc, outland and now a part of northrend with. I just feel it's time for a change and sure there are a few minor irritations I have but would rather not go into detail with on public forms… nor in private (rather let things burn out then throw some gasoline on a little fire). It's just I've seen the same things happening too much and feel so rusted in that I would normally address those things but they feel so normal that they appear to be the way things go … which I hope Heretic can prove to be wrong B) .


Game experience

Started as a resto druid healing MC and a part of BWL, but after a while it just got too boring and at that time druids were kind of … meh! beside healing in instances. So I rerolled rogue and started to enjoy the game at a new level (the DPS side). Clearing BWL, AQ40 up to twins and 2 bosses or so in naxx.

Then the expansion came and with outland I began to slack… Leveling rogue, which then was just crap, so I fell in love again with my formal main the druid only to find out I really didn't like the tanking aspect of the game. I made like 5-6 locks always ending up deleting them around lv20 but then I did an effort and leveled one to 70 and it became my favorite class and thus main.

Within TBC I cleared kara, the eye, SSC, MH and BT up to teron. After the nerf we went on to clearing BT completely, and only came across some of the thrash in sunwell.

Now in outland I've cleared most of the hc dungeons, Archavon(25), Sartharion(10,25 both with 0 dragons up), naxx 10 except sap and kel, naxx 25 arachnid, plague and construct quarter.


I play as a destroy warlock since in my opinion its dps is better and delivered directly and with some decent gear I'm sure it'll surpass afflictions dps with ease.

I'm using all the necessary mods including DBM, Omen, TS and some more to improve my gaming experience.


As to what I can bring to the guild…

I'm an easy going person who's focused when needed but who also likes to fool around to kill time until it's needed to start focusing again. I like to be a self-made man, that's why I'm leveling my druid who's an herbalist/elixir master and hunter who's a skinner/miner (also have a rogue that can prospect ). So in case I need/want something I don't have to rely on others or the crazy AH prices but can get it on my own. I'm also not scared of helping people with stuff just as long as it's something useful. If there's an encounter which requires some specific item or consumables I'll do my best to make sure I have it and when I'm in that zone of farming I can go on for a while and get some additional materials for the GB to help out others who have less time to get those things.


Greets Tom aka Shez

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