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Beewmage is applying

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Character name: Beewmage

Class: Mage

Level (must be 70): 70

Talents: 19/42/0 I will respect if u want :P

Professions: (375)Tailoring/herbalism(375)

Link to profile (allakhazam/ctprofiles etc.): http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-she...&n=Beewmage


Timezone: 1+

Location: Norway

Age: 17


Attunements (only Karazhan required):

[x] Karazhan

[ ] Serpentshrine Cavern

[ ] The Eye

[ ] Mount Hyjal


Other keys (optional):

[x] Auchenei Key (revered with Lower City)

[x] Flamewrought key (revered with Thrallmar)

[x] Key of Time (revered with Keepers of Time)

[x] Reservoir Key (revered with Cenarion Expedition)

[x] Warpforged Key (revered with Sha'tar)


Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them? Horde unity, heretic. Got kicked out of heretic because I was slacking and using exploits in pvp. Not doing that anymore btw :) and touch of chaos. Im in sonata artica right now.


If you currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? Have not informed them yet but I will soon.


Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? nope


Who do you know in Heretic? Nearly the whole guild :P


Why do you want to join Heretic? Because I like the people in the guild. Good sense of humour :D


What's your raiding experience? Zg,MC,Bwl,aq20 and Karazhan. have also done quite a few heroic instances, though it's not considered a raid.


What can you bring to the guild? Got herbalism, so I can grind herbs for instances and make a effort to help the guild. And High dps!:P


Do you have the following addons or programs?

CT_RaidAssist: yes

KLH ThreatMeter: yes

GuildEventManager: yes

TeamSpeak: yes


Anything else you'd like to add? working on the last spellstrike part which is the robe. Hope u guys will consider my application. Love Beewmage ;)

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Herrow again.


Agree with evil this app is ok, good effort with reps etc. Herbs for me = winner tbh :P

However imba ur dps might be i noticed u over aggroing alot in mech the other day, although at the rate the tank was gaining aggro its not suprising, i could of sneezed on mobs and pulled.


Good luck with app

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it is true that he overaggroed, however the tank was very unstable regarding his aggro so it was rather hard to controll your aggro. even i outtanked him at some times :blink:


but he's done a great job on his rep and as you can see he is revered with every faction.

nice application and good luck mate.

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after considing this app for a long time, i decided not to offer you a spot.


Good luck finding another guild

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