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fun read to whoever used to play a hunter in TBC or vanilla

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I never really understood why Aimed Shot has no cast anymore. Yeah sure, it wouldn't fit in a rotation nowadays, but come on; how the hell can you properly aim, as the name kinda gives away, your shot when you just blindly launches it during your Steady Shot spam? :)


Killing the goldfarmers was a good sport too. Pop pvp and go rampage! Or if you really patient you'd just keep killing the farmers pet so it would abandon the hunter!


Not being allowed to Serpent Sting because it knocks off the way more powerful Craplock (inventive huh) DOTs. FD + Drink in combat to restore mana, breaking sheeps on Majorhomo with Multi Shot... Altough the most epic thing for us hunters was/is the epic quest from Majordomo himself, damn that was one awesome quest chain. Fuck you Nelson the Nice.

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