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A few words long due

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Among plenty other stuff I screwed up majorly in the past month is my handling of my WoW-related situation after the hack. Turned out, and I only thought of it after I had trouble ordering ME2 and paying with card, that I had my monthly internet transaction limit set to 0 and my subscription didn't resume as planned. Normally it wouldn't be that hard to notice but I thought it's the investigation still going on, since they haven't notified me by e-mail that it was finished, hence the account was frozen for a prolonged peroid... In that time I managed to say absolutely nothing to anyone, which rightfully resulted in my offline ass being booted. I understand why it's been done, and I would've done the same in your position.


As it stands now, since you've worked your way around my absence already, there's probably no room for me, which is a pity, but something I accepted already. It seems that the game is finished for me right now, with no perspectives or anything to do, at least until Cataclysm. Being in Heretic was an honor and a pleasure, and I don't think I could stomach another guild after this. You guys rocked. The time I spent with you was the best that I ever did in this game, even counting in playing a class I ended up not liking much, and being inferior to every other tank in every aspect. I'm really gutted by betraying the trust and effort you guys put forward to let me become a better player and experience top level game content. I hope I was insignificant enough to let is slide and you won't spit every time someone mentions me.


I want to thank you for putting up with me this long through all the fuckups, fails, lack of skill and random AFKs through all this time. I wish you good luck with the Lich King, and the hardmodes that follow, and further success in anything Blizzard and life throws at you.


Farewell from a, once again, guildless ex-dead knight and future once again, maybe, healy shammy.

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