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Gigadas Fury Warrior Application

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Character name: Gigadas


Class: Warrior


Level (must be 80): 80


Talents: Fury: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-talents....das&group=1

Prot: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-talents....das&group=1

In my Fury gear i dont have the cat's swiftness enchants for boots because i recently got those boots and i am waiting for a specific drop that will allow me to replace my current enchant(Icewalker) with the cat's swiftness one.

My protection gear is not as good as my Fury spec one, but its not bad at all. I have 52k Hp fully buffed.


Are you willing to respec if needed?: I am willing to do "anything" i will be asked to do.


Link to Armory profile: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xm...gn=Ph%C3%B6enix


Timezone: GMT+1


Location: At the moment i live in Switzerland because of studies.


Age: 23, ill be turning 24 in October 30.


Can you attend at least 2 out of 3 raids every week? Yes. I can also attend additional days if required.


Does your connection suck?

I have a very stable and fast connection. I rarely get any lag and usually i lag when the server has some problems. Ofcourse i occasionally get disconnections but this might happen once every 2-3 weeks.


Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them?

Phoenix is the only guild worth to consider. All guilds before phoenix were guilds that i joined during leveling.

The reason i left phoenix is because i wanted more raids. 4 months ago several key players left from the guild and since then we hardly managed to get a full 25 man together for 2 days per week. At the start i said i would wait to see if the guild will manage to recover and go back to raiding, but as the time passed by i realised that there was no way the guild would manage to make a steady and a proper raid any soon. In phoenix i was one of the most dedicated, active, and skilled players, and so i felt that by staying in phoenix waiting was just making me lose alot of precious time. As soon as i realised that the guild was going nowhere i decided to leave and try to find a guild up to my requirments.


If you are currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here?

All the officers where informed and i made a leave post in the phoenix forums. My armory profile still sets me under the phoenix tag but i have left phoenix 2 days now.


Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic?

No. I believe that is disrespectful to apply to more than one guild at the same time. I believe that people who apply to several guilds in the same time dont show much interest to any of the guilds they are applying, and thats the reason they dont apply to one guild per time.


Who do you know in Heretic?

I dont know anyone from Real Life, but i know Modrak and Quickness from in-game. Both of them are good in-game friends who i have been chating with the last couple of months. Modrak used to be in phoenix when i wasn't really raiding because i didn't have the time to spend in order to prepare and read guides that would allow me to increase my performance(Real Life didn't allow me the time in the period), so i never actually made a proper raid with him. Ofcourse i have been talking with him quite alot. Quickness though has raided with me several times back in the days we were both in phoenix.

In addition to those 2 people, i have been to a heroic group with Inf and Fusior a couple of times but i don't really know them that well.

I have also being whispering matti from time to time asking for specific class questions and informations that have been very usefull to me. Hopefully i didn't annoy him too much.


Why do you want to join Heretic?

Appart from the fact that quickness and modrak are members and are 2 of the people i really like to play and chat with, i believe that Heretic is one of the most mature and skilled guilds in the game. I am a person who has worked very hard to become a good and skilled player, and now that i have reached a very good level i would like to join Heretic because i believe that i am ready, and because Heretic is a guild that worked very hard to reach the level it reached too. In addition to that, i am in a period of my life where i have alot of time to commit to the game and alot of passion and ideas that i want to develop, and i believe that Heretic is a guild that can give me excactly what i need to cover my requirments and needs in the game.


What's your raiding experience?

Naxxramas: cleared 10/25

EoE/Sarth: Cleared 10/25

Ulduar: Cleared 25(10 man i never managed to kill yogg because i always tried him on HM and after a period of time phoenix stopped aranging raids for him)

Ulduar hard: Cleared 10(appart from yogg and alga, although i had a couple of tries to 28% on alga, and a very good 15% try on yogg), only did FL and XT on 25 because of the situation in phoenix.

Toc: Cleared 10/25

Togc:: Cleared 10 with mad skill, nothing on 25 because of the situation that takes place in phoenix the last 4 months.

ICC: 12/12 bosses on 10 with 3 HM, 6/12 bosses on 25


Can you provide a log of your performance in a raid?

I dont have wow log parser installed so i am afraid i dont have any stats to link. Usually my performance in most fights of ICC 25 is in an avarage of 10k DPS. In some fights is more and in some fights is less.


Why do you play the class and spec you play? In what way do you think you will improve our raids?

I play a warrior since i started this game which was about 4 years ago. The main reason i made a warrior in the first place was because some friends of mine who played already had adviced me to do so. In vanilla and TBC i played as a tank because i found tanking very entertaining and challenging to do with a warrior, although i was still in a process of learning and bringing my skills as high as i could. When wotlk came out and blizzard added the Titan's Grip talent to fury warriors, i decided that i wanted to test it out and see how much of an improovement that talent gave to my DPS. From that day i never thought of going back tanking. Tanking with a warrior these days is not as it used to be, whereas dpsing with a warrior is 10 times better. Although it wasnt very easy at the start, with some help and by reading alot of guides, i brought my DPS to a very good level and i tamed pretty much everything i had to, in order to become a successful dps as a fury warrior. So, to the question what i could improove to your raids, i would say that i could increase the overall DPS and make all the fights last a little bit less.


What can you bring to the guild?

I am a very helpfull and dedicated player. I understand my mistakes and i always try to read and ask for help in order to improove and become better than what i was before. I believe that only god is perfect and so for anyone appart from him there is always something to learn and improove at. I am also very commited and i am always prepared with flasks and consumables, and i use potions during fights(always). Since wotlk came out i never found it hard to understand a tactic while reading it or while it was being explained to me, and even when i had some doubts about what i was supposed to do i understood everything after the first try. As a person i never give up. When i want to achieve something i achieve it, and i have learned to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve my goals. I believe that "achievements" and rewards come to those who deserve them and so i always try to set myself into the position of deserving them. One last thing that i would like to add is that critisism for me is not a bad thing but is something that i can learn from, and so i am very happy to be told when i am doing something wrong and ofcourse i am even more happy if i can have some advices about what i should change.


Do you have the following addons or programs?

DeadlyBossMods: Yes

Omen: Yes

Mumble: I used TS with phoenix and so i dont have mumble, but ofcourse i am going to download it if i get accepted for a trial.


Anything else you'd like to add?

I know that Heretic dont look for a warrior right now and so i know that my chances of being accepted are very small, but on the other hand i want to raid and i believe that i deserve to raid after all the personal effort that i have commited in order to become a good and reasonable player to consider. No guilds in Stormrage need a warrior at the moment, and so i decided to apply to Heretic and see if i get to have a chance.


Thank you for reading my application, and i promise that i will prove to be what i mentioned to be in case that i would be considered.

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