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Shamanandy Enhanc shammy

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Character name:Shamanandy .... I know so stupid but im rubish with names, im alliance at the moment so if i get a trial and transfer ill change the name to be more ermm gamer i guess :P.


Class: Shaman


Level (must be 85):85


Talents:Enhancment... With resto OS, my resto os is ok not raid healed in cata but im sure the gear is good enough for normal bosses.

The following is a link to My MS talent tree: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/shamanandy/talent/secondary

The following is a link to My OS http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/shamanandy/talent/primary

My os tree may need work as its new to me i have been playing around with it a bit trying to get it the way I would like it.


Are you willing to respec if needed?:I would like to stay enhancment as i play this very well but will always put guild progression first and re spec to what ever is required of me i tend to pick up new classes/specs quickly and play them well.


Link to Armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/shamanandy/simple




Location:UK (live near leeds a small city called wakefield)




Can you attend at least 2 out of 3 raids every week? unless of emergancys in real life (never happens) i can make 100% my partner also plays WOW and raids so she is understanding about me getting on etc.


Does your connection suck? not at all never DC and never really have any problems with it, I dont like been off WoW and dont like letting raids down so if for some reason i do lose connection i would spend all day on phone trying to sort it if not i would give a few hours warning so the guild would not suffer.


Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them?

i will only really mention my Cata guild as my previouse guilds before these where social/friend guilds not raided due to real life, my Real life has changed a lot and i am free every night so i wanna raid.

Joonbe- a decent progression guild I joined with my girl friend when cata came out so we could raid, liked the guild but the leader is a well known on the alliance apparntly no one likes him Sahyun, I chose to ignor this fact as i dont judge people unless I know them but I soon found out why he is not liked, I dont wanna sit here and slate any body its not what im about but i didnt agree with the things he said and the way he said them so i decided to leave this guild for that reason.


I quickly moved on to Zeal a 25man raid guild which is well known as the number one alliance guild, I have had a good time with this guild and was doing really well I am still in my trial phase but two nights ago zeal announced they where stepping down from 25man raiding and moving on to a 10man friends raid group as the 25man raid leader was leaving WoW and a few other people where also quitting the game. I belived I performed well in zeal even though I was only in for a short time I had good progression and gained some valuble exsperiance on boss fights I am sad that this guild is stopping raiding but that is the reason im leaving/applying else where.


If you are currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here?

As stated above I am currently in Zeal who are more then happy for me to stay but know that people including my self are applying else where.


Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic?

I am currently not applying to any other guilds at the moment I dont like applying to more then one as if u get accepted by two then your just messing people around and this is unfair.


Who do you know in Heretic?

Unfortunattly I am alliance so dont know any horde members, I may be known by people who have transfered across for my epic name but i dont know any one i could name sorry.


Why do you want to join Heretic?

I am wanting to join a good progression guild who is focused on exsperiancing all that WoW has to offer before we out level it, I do not have much knowlage of Heretic i have followed the wow leader boreds and know that you are a higher end guild with this i would presume you are a mature guild who will also offer a fun time well playing wow which is what im looking for I am a good player who wants to be put to use and as i have good raid exsperience i dont want to be going backwards to smaller alliance guilds im wanting to progress on to new fights and put my skills to use in a guild where they will be tested.


What's your raiding experience?

pre cata i didnt raid two much due to real life getting in the way but i did lead pugs through out TBC and WOTLK the most recent been LK 10man each week 12/12 and 3/12 hc before it got out dated.

My cata raid experience is as follows:-

BWD 6/6 normal and Hardmodes I have done: Maloriak, Atremdas,... I have also had Chimerion down to 2% but only 2 tries on him due to time and have attempted magmaw hardmode on progression runs.

BoT 4/4 normal and hardmodes i have done: Halfus HC.... no other attempts on hardmode.

TOT4W 2/2 normal and tried conclave Hardmode but each time we came to do this we didnt have the right set up in the guild and didnt go well.

BH 1/1( dont really need to mention it but it is a raid non the less)


Can you provide a log of your performance in a raid?

Hi i know this is an important part of the application and have been trying to find any logs to show my raid performence well in the two guilds stated above but on World of logs and other sites i have searched for some reason zeal is showing up as inactive and not giving out any logs and i am new to these log sites and can not find any personal performance reports... If there is any other way to find logs and you want me to link them still you can send me the links via email and i will update this post with them. I am sorry for this and hope this does not reflect badly on my application.


Why do you play the class and spec you play? In what way do you think you will improve our raids?

I play a Enhancment shaman due to the fact that the guild i was applying to at the start of cata was after these and every other guild seems to be needing them as well, Before cata i never really gave my shaman any notice i was always DPS in WOTLK on a fury warrior and loved it but thought I would try this I have found this a very fun class that I can play well with still been able to heal as an OS which is also one of my favourite things to do on WoW. I belive I could bring a strong DPS class to your raid team who is relaible and can follow tactics well I tend to only make mistakes once and learn from these quickly, I can be relied up on to take on what ever roll is needed of me within the raid by this I dont mena healer/dps/tank etc I mean the DPS who interupts or the DPS who stays on mob a or mob B etc i tend to do as im told and work out the best ways I feel to do play my roll well. I am always early to raids with food and flasks, and am more then happy to farm anything which is needed wether that be feasts or cauldrens etc.


What can you bring to the guild?

I can bring a mature friendly attitude to the guild who is more then happy to help out in way I can, I also belive im a nice kind friendly person who will get on with any one once they get to know me.


Do you have the following addons or programs?


Omen: Yes

Mumble:No ( can obtaint any addons which are needed)


Anything else you'd like to add?

I would just like to say thanks for your time reading my application and hope you can give me a chance to prove my self as part of your raid team but if not i wish you all the best of luck with progression and hope you get the guild you are after.

( sorry for the spelling im not stupid just really bad speller :P)

and one last thing if people have transfered from allaince over back in TBC i was a bit of an imature idiot who thought i was better then every one else at WoW and made a few people not like me but I have grown a lot these past 2/3 years and am not the same imature fool I once was, so hope that if any one had a problem with me they can give me a chance to show that i can be usful to the guild and a nice member also.


Ps. I am on alliance at the moment which I am sure you have gatherd but if i am accpeted for a trial I am ready to transfer stright away.

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btw if i do get accepted for a trial if any one can think or a new name for me be perfect as right now i can only think of shamanandy as im so bad with names :P thanks post ideas below :)

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Hello, shamanandy.

Sorry for the late reply, we have decided that another melee is not really what we can afford at the moment.


good luck.

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no problem thanks for letting me know GL with progression in cata, i am quiet in need of a guild at the moment and am fed up with looking around so if you would like me to come as resto even though i have not much raid xp healing i can try ofc i would need some gear but mostly 359 at the moment not trying to sound desprate or anything just fed up with looking around for guilds a quick response would be much appricated..... if you do want me over as resto i would really like to come as resto but take up the first chance to jump back in to melee if it occurs through some one leaving the guild etc :P thanks any way and if not again good luck.

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after some more discussion we have decided that resto is currently out of the question as well.

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