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Darkseed Resto Druid

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Hello. There we go...




Character name: Darkseed

Class: Druid

Level (must be 85): 85

Talents: 8 - 2 - 31


Are you willing to respec if needed?: No, I only play as a healer

Link to Armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/darkseed/advanced


Timezone: +2

Location: Turkiye

Age: 31


Can you attend at least 2 out of 3 raids every week? Yes


Have you cleared all the current normal raiding content?

(This is required to be able to get accepted for a trial. Mark with a cross [X])


Yes: [X]


Does your connection suck? Nop

(We know no one is going to say 'yes, my connection sucks'. But it's not hard to find out once you start raiding, so if you're going to lie, just save yourself the hassle and don't apply in the first place.)


Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them?

Generations 2 years - Before tbc- they stop raiding

Orion 3 years from tbc to disband

after the orion was disbanded I joind my friends' guild just for slacking.

Evolution 1 year or more till grimm (GM) quit raiding.

We found a guild and disband it.

Vertical Smile disbanded




If you are currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? Yep. I told them.


Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? Nop


Who do you know in Heretic? Selket maybe some other ex-orion members


Why do you want to join Heretic? Raiding


What's your raiding experience? When MC was introduced I started to raid. I had some hard core experience in Orion for a while. For now I prefer non-hard core raiding.

(Need to have cleared all the normal content.)


Can you provide a log of your performance in a raid? Nop, but hardly someone can beat me if I play for healing meters. But my healing skills are beyond it...


Why do you play the class and spec you play? Hard to say but I have 3 alts, and 2 of them are healers, and teh remeining is a tank. In vanilla wow I did enough dps with my mage :)


In what way do you think you will improve our raids? I can provide feedback about raid damage and can give suggestions about hot to make healing better.


What can you bring to the guild? Top healer, me. :P


Do you have the following addons or programs?

DeadlyBossMods: yes

Omen: yes, hmm yes yes.

Mumble: yes


Anything else you'd like to add?


I am not gay. I do heal good.

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So we've had some of our members vouching for you, that counts for something.

And i've heard you think you're the best druid ever and while we like it, you'll have to prove it though.


Ergo, despite the shit app, despite turkish internet that will get you dc'd 100 times per raid, you have a trial.

Please whisper an officer to begin.

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Thank you for giving me opportunity to be a member of Heretic. But with in last few weeks I realise that life is much better with out it. So I decided to quit wow.

Again thank you for your time and everything.

I wish you and all WoW players good luck.

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