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Character name: Mxkk

Class: Rogue

Level (must be 60): 64

Talents: 8/0/46

Professions: Skinning and leatherworking

Link to profile (allakhazam/ctprofiles etc.):



Timezone: +1

Location: Norway

Age: 16


Previous guild(s) and why did you leave it/them? Vengance leaved becouse i want a more active guild


If you currently in a guild, did you inform the officers about applying here? no guild atm


Are you applying to other guilds than Heretic? No.


Who do you know in Heretic? Sausbringer and keishii. I know both good in the real life.


Why do you want to join Heretic? I want to experience more raids and maybe se some more bosses in raids etc.


What can you bring to the guild? I want to join alot of raids and maybe learn some things from the another people.


Do you have the following addons or programs?

CT_RaidAssist: yes

KLH ThreatMeter: yes

GuildEventManager: yes

TeamSpeak: yes


Current unbuffed fire resistance: 0

Current unbuffed nature resistance: 0


Raid Experience:

ZG [x]

AQ20 [ ]

MC [x]

BWL [ ]

AQ40 [ ]

Naxxramas [ ]


Anything else you'd like to add? My raid experience is bad becouse I reached lvl 60 after the burning crusade

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